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Judge Ed Kimmel (Ret.)

I wish to take this opportunity to applaud, commend, and recommend the staff of Medical Gardens Hearing Center. I came to them in May of 2012 with a severe deficiency. To accommodate me, they made room for me in their Venice and North Port offices when needed. It took multiple visits, three different ear fittings (AT NO EXTRA COST), and 16 months later, these are comfortable, don’t whistle, and have improved the percentage of what I can hear. At 82, I will never get it all back. Read more...

Lori, the office manager on Dearborn… “Nothing is too much trouble, whatever it takes — how can we help?” This is backed up by Anne-Marie (The lady with the multiple degrees on the wall)… in spades.

The fact that this practice has been chosen by the top audiology group in the U.S. to be a representative speaks volumes. I feel my experience was a rare example of you get what you pay for. Regrettably, quality, integrity, and honesty are vanishing commodities in today’s world.

These people are top shelf.

Peg S.

The doctors of audiology and staff at Medical Gardens have served all the hearing needs of my husband, Howard, and me since we moved to Florida 13 years ago. I have looked at all the ads whether deceptive or not, I’ve checked out booths at all the health fairs, and I have compared notes with friends. No one can match the professionalism, the quality of hearing devices, the friendliness, and the follow-up care of Medical Gardens Hearing Center.

Bill R., Marion, OH


Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with every aspect of dealing with you and your office. From my initial hearing test to the referral appointment made by you to an ENT doctor, to the dispensing of my hearing aids and the follow-up visits, no one could expect more than I received. The horror stories I’ve heard countless times about “snowbirds” being taken advantage of when they travel south for the winter have been dispelled by you and your staff. It is truly refreshing to find a doctor who is more interested in the patient rather than in profit. Read more...

Never did I feel rushed, pressured, or even slightly directed toward any product. I was told ahead of time that your office would fit me with the hearing device that I felt would suit my lifestyle, budget, and needs. My insurance company offered me a discount on a product you did not handle, yet you graciously ordered it and fit me with that product.

From start to finish, you have an extremely satisfied patient. Needless to say, I will be telling others at our Florida winter residence about my hearing experience at Medical Gardens Hearing Center.

William S.

I want to express my appreciation for the skillful way that you were able to improve my ability to hear better. Your steady positive outlook throughout was also very helpful. Read more...

As a long time user of hearing aids, I have been frustrated to find how difficult it is for audiologists to fine-tune today’s complex array of hearing aid products to produce satisfactory result. Your combination of an upgrade to my existing hearing aid, purchased elsewhere, plus the tweaking of the existing circuitry, worked wonders.

I am very grateful. Thank you.

Barbara M., Englewood, FL

Ode to My Hearing Aid

Why did I wait so long…
To hear the birds in song…
To hear the clock chime…
To clearly hear my husband’s voice…
I thought I had no choice…
I wasted so much time…
But now I’m right on track…
I’ve got my hearing back.

Glenn C.

My wife had major difficulty communicating with me and would really get upset when I did not answer. Since the new fitting of the active AGX technology, I am proud to say that our relationship is doing much better because I can hear what she is saying to me! Thanks again.

Dr. Freeman

I have a hearing loss and, with my demanding surgical schedule, I really needed something that helps me hear throughout the operation. I had trouble hearing my nurses and staff through my special surgical headgear. With the new AGX technology from Medical Gardens Hearing Center, I have had no problems understanding what is being said in the operating room even with the headgear on! Thank you, Dr. Barbara!

C. Morgan, Pilot

My new hearing technology is perfect for my active lifestyle. I am in different noisy airports all week and my hearing has been a challenge for a while in these loud environments. With the new AGX connectivity, for the first time, I can clearly hear my wife through my cell phone directly into both ears, not to mention all other things I can hear clearly even in the cockpit! Thanks so much for your professional help.

Aileen D., Venice, FL

Aileen D., our long-standing hearing aid patient, previously managed a surgery center and worked many years as an ophthalmic surgery nurse. At a recent visit to the Medical Gardens Hearing Center, she said, “My experience in this office is always so positive! I always feel welcome and genuinely appreciated. I enjoy the fact that I am not just a number, I never feel rushed and I am always treated by experienced professionals.

June and Ed B.

"What!?" Is no longer the most used word in his vocabulary!

Ed knew from past testing with his doctor that he had significant hearing loss in both ears. He had tried inexpensive hearing aids, finding them uncomfortable and ineffective. I do have a vocal problem making his hearing inability even worse. Read more...

We were so fortunate to attend a meeting with you at The Riverwood Activity Center — you were helpful and informative. You understood and knew this was frustrating for us both. After a short while, Ed knew he should do something and was very impressed by your presentation so we scheduled an appointment.

After retesting and trying the new hearing aids, he found them very comfortable, but even more importantly, he was able to hear not only my voice, but even testing with a noisy background and take part in a normal conversation.

We are both so thrilled with these results. We have recommended them to several friends and hope they will take advantage of your expertise.

Victor E.

I love the natural sound that these devices are capable of! When I first used them to bird watch, I was able to tell where the birds were located and see them. I don’t even notice I am wearing them, they are so lightweight, and the 3D sound is really amazing! Thank you, Barbara!

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