This time of year is about giving thanks, celebrating, and making memories. Create new traditions with these easy, fun, and festive activities focused on the different ways we communicate.


Give Thanks: Coloring-Book Tablecloth

From thoughtful gifts to kind gestures to sharing a meal, there are plenty of ways to show loved ones you care.
This season, try this idea: a coloring-book tablecloth.

How to Do It:

Use large craft paper (we prefer white) and cover your table. Clip paper down with binder clips or tape that won’t leave a mark. Color in your own place setting, and then write nice things about the people on either side of you and/or what you’re thankful for.

Looking Ahead: Resolution Guessing Game

It’s time to start thinking about the New Year — not only what you want to do but what your loved ones want too. This New Year, try this idea: a resolution guessing game.

How to Do It:

Ask everyone to think of one of their resolutions and write it down. Collect them and mix them up, then read them aloud. Everyone writes down who they think made each resolution. At the end, whoever gets the most correct gets bragging rights — or whatever prize you choose!

Happy Hands: Holidays the ASL Way

Say happy holidays in a different way with these American Sign Language (ASL) signs.

How to Do It:

Hanukkah — Start with your hands together, each making a four with your palms facing your chest. Move your hands apart and back together.
Happy Hanukkah ASL

Christmas — Use your dominant hand to make a “C,” and make a partial circle across your body as if tracing the top of a wreath.
Merry Christmas ASL

New Year — Use your dominant hand to make a cup shape, and move it across your body asthough you’re scooping something. Then create a fist with both hands and circle them, ending with the dominant hand on top.
Happy New Year ASL

However you celebrate this time of year, we’d love to help you hear it. Contact us to schedule an appointment before we head out to make our own memories!